Flying solutions for event planners & event organizers

Gear Factor's flying concepts are every event planner's dream came true. Think of the vacant space above your stage: Gear Factor can bring it to life by developing custom-tailored Flying Objects which blend in with your choreography to perfection and add a unique element to the airspace at your next event or show. We have in the past worked with many event planners and event organizers around the globe. Please take a look at our Showcase for your reference. We have partnered up with the event planners of quite a few of the major global brands and helped them carry out successful events for their clientele. Mostly the creative team of the event-planning agency came up with creative concepts and we converted them as close as possible. Whether you require a bionic Flying Object, something close to nature or you have a technical idea at hand, we let it take off at your next event or show.
flying car buick lacrosse shanghai motor show
We advise the event planner or event organizer to contact us at an early stage. Our production requires lead-time and the logistics are not to be underrated. You are an event planner and envision to stun your audience with something unique flying overhead, then you are well advised to contact us 6-8 weeks before your actual event. If you are an event planner yourself or would like your event team to explore the possibilities, simply contact us for more information. We will look into your creative's concepts and get it airborne if somehow doable on planet earth. We will support event planners all the way until the actual event. For the event itself, we will send our skilled pilot teams to maneuver the Flying Object at your event with precision.
Gear Factor's concepts are multi-awarded for its innovations in the event and show business. Especially our Bionic Flying Solutions created lately a buzz in the event industry. Check out the diversity of our work: you will find anything from a realistic jellyfish, to flying cars, to flying beer glasses. The possibilities for your event are literally endless. You can have one unique Flying Object or a whole bunch of them sailing with precision over the crowd at your event. We can provide full service should you require our creative input: if you wish to receive ideas for your next event, simply contact us with your overall concept and we can advise you of what can take off. Plan your next event with Gear Factor's Flying Objects.
The advertising agencies and event planners we had project with are: TBWA, Ogilvy Action, Jung von Matt, McCann-Erickson, Leo Burnett, Publicis, Momentum and Dentsu. Some of the brands we have worked for are: BMW, Audi, Ford, General Motors, Chevrolet, Buick, Fiat, Renault, Skoda, Samsung, Adidas, Festo, LG, Amstel, Cirque du Soleil and Sony Pictures. The event locations have been: Tokyo/Japan, Moscow/Russia, Bangkok/Thailand, Taipeh/Taiwan, Manila/The Philippines, Singapore, Washington/US, New York/US, Detroit/US, San Francisco/US, Sao Paulo/Brazil, Maracaibo/Venezuela, Mexico City/Mexico, Munich/Germany, Amsterdam/Holland, Turin/Italy, London/England, Paris/France, Sydney/Australia, Melbourne/Australia, Beijing/China, Shanghai/China, Macao.
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