Flying Chevy Sonic scores at Atlanta International Auto Show


The Flying Sonic at the Chevrolet stand.
Chevrolet Detroit utilized for the first time the Flying Sonic at this year's International Auto Show in Atlanta. The Gear Factor Flying Car performed to perfection and was commented the most exciting attraction at this event. The project was conducted in cooperation with Jack Morton Worldwide, who developed the concept of the Chevrolet booth at this exhibition.

The Atlanta International Auto Show is not the largest car show around, but has a unique cosy atmosphere, perfect to take an Gear Factor Flying Car to the air. The Flying Chevy Sonic was executed to perfection and its realistic design with a high level of detail made many in the crowd believe this is a real car taking off. For once there was plenty of space and the Flying Sonic cruised over the whole Chevrolet stand much to the enjoyment of the Chevy product managers and models. Of course they were a bit scared at first by such a large object flying close to them overhead. Our explanations that an Gear Factor Flying Car weighs only 5kg, is based on lighter-than-air technology and therefore can't fall out of the sky reassured all staff and they played around with this surprising show during their car presentations. In fact, Chevrolet was the only car brand at this motor show that offered it's visitors some exciting entertainment. No wonder, the Chevrolet stand was comparatively well attended (what happened to car shows in the US by the way?). Especially the kids were very ecstatic and danced along under the Flying Chevy Sonic all the way. You can watch a video here.

Countless souvenir photos and videos were taken and quite a few of them made their way to Youtube and other social media platforms. We have designed two Flying Sonics for Chevrolet Detroit and are looking forward to more events in the US later in 2011. One is an outdoor version for tethered flights. In total, we have designed and built six flying cars and three different car models for Chevrolet's wave of product launches around the globe: the Sonic, the Aveo and the Camaro. All of them for launch events, car shows and other promotional actions in the US, Mexico, Brazil and Korea.



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