Gear Factor Flying Car video viewed 4.5 million times on Youtube!


Flying Car Video on Youtube takes off.
When we uploaded this video three years ago the traffic was very modest, but then this outdoor clip of an Gear Factor Flying Car took off far beyond what we could ever have imagined.

Every day this video is watched by an average of 12.000 users around the globe and has received thousands of 'likes' and comments. It is our best horse to market our unique remote-controlled flying event technology to event planners and marketing executives on a very broad platform. We planned to talk about this for a long time, but now it seems the right moment to mention it: this amazing video is ranked around the top 15 search results for the keyword 'car' on Youtube and is in the top three Google results for the search term 'flying car'. OK, it's a bit mischievous to call it a 'real flying car' in the description, but then it is one of our very real event products flying around in a village. The footage is actually from an experimental flight in ideal outdoor conditions.

Because of the high realism we achieve with car models the debate on Youtube (over 7800 comments so far) is quite fierce whether this is a real Opel Astra, a blimp, computer graphics or some kind of magical trick. Believe it or not, dozens of folks have contacted us and wanted to purchase one believing it's an actual flying car or wanted to order upgrade kits for their vehicles. Sorry, can't help there!

But Opel's marketing executives should be happy campers with that much free advertising for the Astra! And we're having trouble to explain to brand managers, their advertising agencies and event planners the value and impact of our flying solutions for their precious advertising dollars. Hey guys, check out the response of the audience: these are your customers and they sure love watching it flying!

What works on Youtube sure works in reality even better: we have filled stands at countless motor shows for clients such as Chevrolet, Volkswagen, Buick, Skoda and many others. We attract usually masses at these kinds of events and pictures we shot seem like forests of hands with cameras and cell phones held high overhead.

The Flying Car video is not the only interesting project testimonial on Youtube. You can find much more on our Gear Factor Channel covering the full spectrum of flying concepts we have developed for our clients. Our Gear Factor Showcase on this website features numerous testimonials showing the wide variety of applications of our Gear Factor technology at events, shows and exhibitions. We have also accomplished commercial outdoor projects featuring an Gear Factor Flying Car, for example with the project for the Chevrolet Spark launch in Mexico City in 2010.

If the traffic for this Gear Factor video remains consistent at this level, we estimated by the end of 2011 this clip will reach a view count of over 7 million. May it fly high!



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