Flying Chevy Sparks soared all-around Mexico City


The Flying Chevy Spark at an Azteca TV show.
For the recent launch of the Chevrolet Spark in Mexico Gear Factor has designed and produced two flying versions of the car model. It has been the first time an Gear Factor flying car has been utilized in this market. A series of events and guerrilla marketing actions were planned during the 201 0 Fifa World Cup, developed and arranged by GM Mexico's lead advertising agency McCann-Erickson. In cooperation with McCanns we devised a series of suitable applications for the Flying Sparks in line with the overall launch strategy.

For a period of nearly two weeks a series of events took place at a variety of locations. One Gear Factor team toured in Mexico City from shopping mall to shopping mall and surprised the shoppers with a flying presentation of the Chevy Spark. In similar style the other Gear Factor team operated twice at the Mexico City international airport in terminal 2. We hope sincerely nobody missed a flight!

The Flying Chevrolet Spark on Mexican TV: the buzz began

The most exciting part of this project was to fly one Spark in several high-profile Mexican TV shows of broadcasting networks such as Azteca and Telemundo. The TV shows were partly live and partly recorded. The live television programs have been of course the rather suspenseful gigs and the Gear Factor team piloted the flying car to perfection, but not without a few drops of sweat here and there. The word of the Flying Chevrolet Spark has spread quickly hereafter and a few other networks like MTV showed up, to get their footage of the 'talk of the town'. We would say, General Motors has made the most out of their advertising budget with this highly successful campaign and we had a lot of fun being part of its conversion. Actually the Spark launch became sort of a reference project for us, when we need to explain to our clients how to get the most value and impact out of our flying solutions. The events and actions have been so cleverly linked up that the buzz in the city reached quickly incredible levels. Youtube, like always, tells us the story.

Another highlight was the live rock concert, GM Mexico had sponsored to support the launch. The Flying Spark was parked first on stage amidst some real cars. In the stage lighting the differences were so minimal none of the rock fans suspected it not to be an actual vehicle. But then it took off and cruised high over the audience. After the initial roar, it was cheered for minutes by the ecstatic crowd. Parallel to the concert GM Mexico had organized the press event for the car launch. Invited guests along with lots of press and media were stunned by this unusual presentation of a new car model. The Gear Factor pilot maneuvered the Flying Spark from the off over a 7 meter high curtain through a tight gap and then descended it spectacularly onto a helipad center stage. Naturally, the pictures taken by the press made their way into many next day newspapers.

There was also outdoor action at the Chapultepec theme park. One of the Flying Chevy Sparks was launched during a whole day at several locations near the parks major attractions. The weather gods must have liked the flying car because the conditions were perfect. The Spark was launched with support of nearly invisible tethers and attracted large crowds everywhere it flew. Unfortunately some other outdoor actions, scheduled the following days, had to be cancelled because of bad weather.

Gear Factor's secret ingredients to achieve unrivaled realism

We achieve the high realism of the Gear Factor Flying Cars by milling forms from the original CAD/CAM data of the car design. This process ensures the shape is 100% true to the original. All other details of a car model are meticulously replicated in genuine handcraft. A process that takes all in all usually about six weeks flat out. The whole car body is made of an ultra-light styrofoam, which is spray-painted after deep-drawing and assembly with car paint to the specs our clients desire. Head and rear lights are functional and add to the realistic appearance. Inside the Flying Car, hidden from view, is a helium container that makes it buoyant. A bespoke micro-controller delivers in-air-stability and makes it controllable via radio-control.

The high altitude of Mexico City (2240 meter) forced us to go new ways by designing a new propulsion system from scratch. It was never before possible to use Gear Factor Flying Solutions in altitudes above 1500 meter. Being in the event business, this is probably one of our greatest assets: we can develop new solutions in a relatively short period of time!




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