Flying Camaro 'transforms' Seoul Motor Show


The Flying Bumblebee Camaro attracted masses at the Chevrolet booth.
If you think car shows in China are crowded, you don't know the Seoul Motor Show. Happening every two years, there must have been millions of visitors or at least it felt that way. For this year's mega event Gear Factor has designed a Flying Camaro for Chevrolet's large booth featuring a bunch of new models.

The Flying Car had the same iconic design, yellow with black stripes, as the famous Bumblebee in the movie Transformers. If there would have been a price for the most photographed object at the car show the Flying Camaro would have outright won it.

We (air-)staged 10 choreographed flights per event day and filled Chevrolet's booth time after time. Operating over such large crowds comes always along with a good portion of suspense for us. The Gear Factor pilot team had to proceed with utmost concentration to maneuver the Flying Camaro in greater distances around the large stand avoiding obstacles and maintaining a safe height above hundreds of heads consistently. You can find a video of all the action here.

The production of the Flying Camaro: a tight affair

The production of the Flying Bumblebee Camaro came about after a very successful car show in Sao Paulo last year with the same car model. GM Korea obviously had heard good things about this event from GM Brazil and placed an order for a rush job with us to get it as a show part for their booth as well. The Gear Factor team could only accept the order on such short notice because the forms for the Camaro already existed. Still, the production worked miracles to deliver in time to General Motors.

The complexity of producing a Flying Car is not always apparent to our clients. But to achieve such great realism that many spectators are convinced to believe to see a real car flying around requires meticulous attention to detail. Actually each Gear Factor Flying Car is engineering-wise comparable to designing a new model airplane from scratch. Not two shapes are the same in the flying department. After all, cars are not meant to fly and it is Gear Factor's unique expertise to balance these kinds of shapes, to make them buoyant and controllable in the air.

It is worth mentioning that Gear Factor is not a mere hardware supplier, but provides its flying event solutions as a 'show'. Meaning, our flying designs are not separable from our pilot services. As a major brand with press and media having all eyes on you, you need that things work out to perfection: and that's what we provide in the flying department. Think of it like hiring artists for a specific act. And what a spectacular flying act it has been in Seoul!



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