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The Flying Camaro – Air Tango awarded in Buenos Aires


The Flying Camaro in Buenos Aires.
Once more: Chevrolet wins with the flying Camaro the press award for the best exhibition booth at the Buenos Aires Salón Internacional del Automóvil (Buenos Aires Motor Show). That's three in a row after the press awards for Chevrolet at the car shows in Sao Paulo and Seoul, where the flying Chevrolets cars have been the main attraction of the show.

The flying Camaro was transported from Sao Paulo to Argentina for this exhibition and our worries it might suffer during the lengthy overland transportion turned out to be unfounded. So it was flying time again. During the ten day car show we air-staged about ten flights per day filling Chevrolets stand time and again. A nice touch was the responsiveness of the Argentinian crowd who gave our pilot for every flight a big applause, especially for smooth landings.

We loved it down there. The exhibition was located in the heart of Buenos Aires and gave us the opportunity to tune in a little bit into the groove of this beautiful South-American metropolis.