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Gear Factor Flying Car video cracks 20,000,000 views on Youtube


Flying car clip on YouTube.
When we wrote about this two years ago it seemed rather special to get 4.5 million clicks with our little clip. But what a time it has been. We just made it to 20 million and counting. That's a staggering 16 million views in the last 48 month. Beyoncé, we are rolling in!

The clip of the Opel Astra flying outdoors now consistently ranks in the top ten results for the keyword 'car' on Youtube. A nice side-effect is that the clip is pushing our Youtube Channel to a wider audience. Take a look! It's basically content from our website, but worthwhile a visit for a quick overview.

Our flying cars weight average around 5kg while they are so realistic that you can put them in the parking lot and people will not realize this is some sort of mock-up. We produce them from the CAD/CAM data of the original car design. Fitted with our custom-built radio control system and brush-less motors they are maneuvered with precision. Our clients use them at car shows, media actions, TV shows and many other types of events. Our flying cars are without doubt our best selling flying event product. The list of car brands that have used this concept is quite long.