Federal Chancellor Merkel: “I had also considered studying bionics…”
[...] The booths Merkel saw left her “very”, and occasionally “extremely” interested. While looking at the “Fingripper” at Festo, which was inspired by penguins, she commented: “I had also considered studying bionics, but chose to pursue physics” (bionics is taking examples from nature to improve technology). Merkel then playfully reached out to grab the fin of a near flying penguin. The Festo employees’ hearts skipped a beat, but their concern was unjustified. The penguin continued flying unscathed. [...] Neue Presse
Fireworks for FC Bayern Munich
As midnight struck, and the most spectacular fireworks display of the year was backdropped by Allianz Arena’s glowing red, the 66 000 spectators were beside themselves. Fans swayed flags and strolled through the halls singing. [...] Of course, Franz Beckenbauer is one of the best, and the Kaiser was obliged to perform the symbolic kick-off in the Allianz Arena. The FCB President kicked a huge football balloon into the goal – as always. [...] Bunte Magazine

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